Monday, April 11, 2011

Kennedy, Blog Post #12, IAR 221

The Flip Flop - Good Design for all....

For me the Flip Flop represents good design for all.  Flip Flops are inexpensive and available to almost everyone in the world.  They perform a basic function of protecting the sole of the foot.  This is a necessity for most cultures.  Here in the states they protect our delicate feet from super hot asphalt and beach sand during the summer.  In more rural areas the protect the sole of the foot from the rugged terrain.  The simplicity of the flip flop means that almost anyone can make them, regardless of education.  In their simplest form they can be made from local materials that are on hand or they can be more elaborate and be made with leather and adornments.  One of the beauties of the flip flop is the ability of an individual to personalize them.  Choose your own color, choose the decoration, create your own style.  This expressionism allows the flip flop to go from casual to formal, cheap to expensive, utilitarian to uber comfortable.  These are the reasons why the Flip Flop represents good design for all.

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