Monday, April 18, 2011

BP13, Kennedy, Blog Post #13, IARC 221

The Legacy of  Scandinavian modern has instilled in us many valuable ideas.  The ideas that come to my mind are:  Simple, Affordable, Minimal, and Functional.  The Scandinavians have taught us that we all can have thoughtfully designed products that are generally problem solving and based on substance.  The top light, created by Design House, Stockholm embodies these elements. 

The idea is simple.  A candle holder.  However, it's not an entire candle holder, only part.  You are forced to recycle an object you already own to make it a complete candle holder.  The finished product is also simple.  No excess adornment, only what you need.  It's also affordable at $35.00.  

The top light is also versatile and adaptable.  Us it in your grandmothers carafe or in your water bottle from this morning.  You get to choose how it's finally used.  The simplistic, functional design allows it to co-mingle with all styles.

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  1. The functional design is the curve. A bottle looks good on every surface because of the proportionate curve in the neck. The round shape allows proportioanlity from 360 degrees of viewing angle.