Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scale Figure Drawing Exercise

In Class we did an exercise in drawing people in scale.  We were timed and only given 5 minutes for each sketch.  Most of the drawings are supposed to be contour drawings.  We were given a different scale to use for each group of people.  This really challenged me in drawing groups proportionately, especially since most of my figure drawings have looked like muscle men or spaghetti figures.

I chose this example because it captured the energy of the poses the individuals chose.  This was also the first drawing that I did where I was able to capture the individuals at the proper scale and the proper scale within the group. 

I chose this example because it showed depth of the grouping of people without using shadowing.  I feel that there is an energy in the legs of the people.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Luminare - Light effect - part 2 - through a blak plastic light cannon

The Light Cannon, 36 inches long, 4 inches in diameter.

I added two layers of filters with holes.  This one is full of small holes

Here you can see the small hole filter and the secondary filter behind it with larger holes in it.  I believe that the thickness of these filters will determine the acuteness of the shadow that is portrayed.  I will explore this next.

This is the light effect it created on the wall.  I like this but ultimately want higher contrasting in the shadowing.

The light projecting on the floor.  I like this and would like to cover the entire room or at least an entire wall.  Maybe I need to look at rectangles and squares rather than tubes.....

Luminare - light effect development process

reflecting light off the back wall through the opening on the front gives a double shadow.  One soft, one sharp.

directing the light directly at the front creates soft shadows with fuzzy outlines.

Changing the core color to black actually created sharper shadows, the opposite of what I thought would happen.

Experimenting with diffusers created with Velum and 1 inch hole cut outs.  This is what I want to create with my luminare.

Same diffusers, different light angle.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Sketches, Three for Me, and Two from them.

artist, Kate Ewen.  I chose this sketch because it show a very good use of shadow and light.  The accuracy is also very good.  The sketch resembles the object amazingly well. 
My first sketch of strong light through water.  I was super excited that I was able to achieve transparency and depth in a clear object.

One of my later strong light through water sketches.  Here I figured out how to sketch water droplets.

my best self portrait so far.  Somewhat captures me.  I struggle greatly with drawing faces.  My eyes are huge here, maybe it shows that I'm very eager to see the world!
artist, Jordyn Summers.  This is a great example of water in strong light in a clear vessel.  The use of shadowing and proportion are exceptional.  I can definately tell where the light source is and that there is water in the jug.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Light Artist Jim Campbell on his Three installations in Madison Square Park in NYC

I came across this Video and really enjoyed how it related to our current luminare project.  The lack of  detail and creation of shadow directly relates to my project that I'm working on.