Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A dining Story

When I was looking for inspiration for this current design, I wound up looking in nature.  I have two lemon trees that fully ripen around the winter solstice.  They remind me of the sun and the warmth of the summer.  I want to incorporate lemons and their color into my design.  I also really enjoy the green of the lemon leaves, so maybe that color will come into play as well.

I envision my dining experience to be with close friends and family.  I am thinking about incorporating the social media aspect into a drum like shade or shades that also serve as light fixtures above the table.  I want the social media aspect to be played down and just an idea that runs simultaneously, and is not intrusive and does not need interaction.

The space should be intimate, yet roomy to accommodate a crowd, maybe 25 x 25 with 12 ft ceilings.  I see a wall of glass that can accordion back and disappear in the warmer months and be closed during the colder months.  All other walls in the space would be solid.  One wall might have a series of small round windows that correlate to the position of the sun in the sky on the solstice days.  I'm not sure about this idea yet though. A fireplace will need to be incorporated and I think that will be on the wall opposite the glass wall, and off center. above the table and the sideboard the ceiling height will change, to a lower more human scale height.

My dining table will be a racetrack oval in walnut.  I envision arched legs that mimic the oval shape of the table top.  I want to experiment with painting the underside and backs of the legs lemon yellow, or maybe leaf green.  There will be a series of circular cutouts that encircle the table.  These relate to the sun and the importance of dining on the solstice days.  The table will be off center in the room.  1/2 of the space of the room should be devoted to the table.  In the other half of the room will be a sideboard composed of 5 round tables.  They will be solid and include storage and wheels so they can be moved around and positioned as need be.  I would make them out of walnut as well and would incorporate a series of circular cut outs near the top.  My chair selection may be Konstantin Grcic's tub chair.  I enjoy the circular shape and think it will work well with they other items that I'm designing for the space.  I also think the chairs will be incredibly comfortable and can be used in the room as general seating when not at the table for dining.

My other chair of choice is by Frank Gehry, hat trick.  The chair is bent wood and has a very special space under the seat that is spherical in thought.  I like the movement and life that the chairs have.

Overall i envision the space being very soothing and nurturing in feeling.  A limited color palate will help with this as will leaving out clutter and un-necessary items.

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