Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week was color week.  We worked with ColorAid paper, which is a calibrated, silk screened, color paper. 

My first combination.  Finding the middle color.
Composition two.  Overlap, using the middle color.  This is when it started to make sense.
Five Square.  Taking it to the next level.  Five squares all overlapping to create middle colors.
Composition four.  Color Triad.  The middle color of three colors.
Combine all of the above to create our very own color palate that we utilize during the balance of the semester.  Here we utilized middle colors and triad middle colors.
Final composition.  Here we used the colors in our color palate to create an abstract representation of the light during the four seasons.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - from top to bottom.

During the week we all learned a great deal about color and how to work with it.  There were lots of surprises, lots of magic moments, some frustration, and much much gained knowledge.  I can't wait to work with the palate that I created.

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