Monday, May 2, 2011

Sketches and Renderings from Class

I thought I would take the opportunity to upload some images of renderings and observational sketches from the fast semester. I started working a lot with pen rather than pencil and really enjoy the results that have occurred.

Comparison between Falling Water and Monticello.  Exterior.  Plan.  Materials, interior floor and exterior surface.  Living room.

Sketch of front of Monticello

Foyer of Monticello.  Front Elevation, Fireplace wall elevation and Detail of Crown Molding.

Architectural details that I found interesting at Monticello

St. Mary's House, sitting on the floor next to the kitchen door looking in.

St. Mary's House, sitting in the middle of the sanctuary looking towards the alter.

Perceived perspective at St. Mary's looking towards the front door.

Scale figures, sketched while sitting at Starbucks.

Scale figures, sketched while sitting at Starbucks.

Rendering on another student's wire frame.

Rendering of the basement of Gatewood.

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