Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morocco and the lack of social media

Morocco  is a cultural hotbed located in North Africa.  Their close relation to Africa, the middle east, and the Iberian peninsula makes the country rich with culture and diverse with cuisine. The population is mainly made up of Arab and Berber people, of which 98 percent are Muslim.   They are a relatively conservative community.  The country is relative in size to the state of California.
Hassan II Mosque
Spice Market

Morocco has about 13.2 million internet users which ranks them 29 out of 216 in the world, 2.7 million of those are facebook users.  For reference, North Carolina has 4 million facebook users. Other social networking sites include, which is more of a relationship site, and which is a professional site, similar to likedin.
Hassan II Mosque

Researching this subject provided little in the way of good information.  About the most interesting thing that I did find was the story of Fouad Mortada.  He's a 26 year old and was jailed for having a fake facebook page where he claimed to be Prince Moulay Rachidthe.

Hassan II Mosque, interior


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